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  • Wade L. – Tinley Park, IL 
    After visiting four mattress stores and Sears we decided to check out Chicago mattress outlet. We were floored by the prices which were the lowest out of sleepys, back to bed and Sears. We not only ended up buying a king size we also purchased a twin and a recliner and got discounts on multiple purchases and free delivery. Did I mention free mattress protectors? Just did. This is a great well serviced store I would recommend to everyone. They want your business and they prove it. Do yourself a favor if you are in the market for a mattress look around then go to Chicago mattress for the best service and deal. Five stars all the way. Great job guys……
  • Sandra Rust –  Lockport, IL
    My back problems were solved when I bought a Stearns & Foster – Ultra Firm mattress set at the Chicago Mattress Outlet. I had went through 2 mattress sets in the past 3 years, due to the bad springs and the mattress filler sunk! My new Stearns & Foster mattress is fabulous!
  • Jon Miller – Plainfeld, IL
    After a couple of months of researching new beds I discovered that all the major retailers are marking up their beds 500,600, 800% plus it’s really hard to compare brands and models because they all change the names depending on which retailer the beds are going to, so it’s very hard to comparison shop a mattress.  I  wanted a higher end one and didn’t want to pay 5 grand on sets you find at Bloomingdales, Macy’s, and other major retailers.  Obviously it’s retail and you all know how that game works..mark it up 800% sell it for 1/2 price so you feel you are getting deal..nope..not getting a deal….If you want a great deal please go see  George Musa at Chicago Mattress Outlet LTD.  He went above and beyond with me. He get’s overstocks, last years models, etc…, but who cares..it’s a mattress..how much can it change from year to year..put a sheets on it and you can’t tell if you are sleeping on a new 2014 or a 2013 model.. I can’t say enough about George and his business..I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase and I felt that he deserves my endorsement because he went the extra mile for me.  Good guys need to be rewarded and people  like this you want to help in any way you can.
  • Vernon J. – Flossmoor, IL
    Great place to buy a mattress on any budget. George was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!
  • Bruce E. – Manhattan, IL
    If you’re looking for a discount mattress or a place that has mattresses on sale then go to Chicago Discount Mattress. There is no reason to pay more at Darvin or Sears.First, let me start off this review by saying that my wife did NOT want to go to a “mattress outlet” to buy a mattress. She was sure that these were used or they fell off a truck or something. We went to Darvin then Sears. We took 94th avenue from the mall and saw this place on the way out. We were really exhausted from shopping all day but I convinced her to stop.The place may not look as nice as a department store but really, it’s a mattress store! It has like 100 mattresses all stacked up neatly. Just pick something that is comfortable and that you can live with for the next 10 or 15 years and get out. We did just that. We came in a salesman showed us around (I think his name was Jeff) and we ended up buying the exact same Sealy mattress for $300 less including delivery!Basically this company buys last year’s inventory from furniture stores and discontinued models that Darvin and Sears don’t want anymore because they have to make room for new (more expensive) models. Everything is brand new and in perfect condition.They really made the whole process easy… oh and by the way we couldn’t even get a salesperson to talk to us a Darvin. We had to get one paged and the Sears salesperson felt like we were bothering him. This place was a nice change… and I saved some too!
  • Lynn C.  – Island Lake, IL
    Dealing with Jeffrey Martinez and Bill Grice was like a dream. They did everything quickly and professionally. I could not have been happier with my

    experience there. Repeat business for sure!
  • Nancy J.Orland Park, IL

    This is a great place to buy a mattress!  The place is packed with high-end mattress, ready to take home.  The sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable (ask for Bill) and you can’t beat the prices anywhere.  They have quality mattress at deeply discounted prices.  If you need a new mattress this is the place!
  • Edward T. – Newhaven, Ct
    This was the third mattress store that I went to in Chicago, with a fourth one planned, but after talking to George, I didn’t need to go to any other place.I am going to be in Chicago only for one year, and I only needed a comfortable mattress that my wife and I would be able to give good sleep. so in other words, I was looking for the best mattress that I could find for less than 650 (which is what I could get a costco)George greeted me at the door and was very upfront and honest about what I was interested, what my price range was, and what type of mattress I was looking for. He brought me over to several options, rather than just trying to sell me something at the upper part of my stated range. In addition, after testing out the mattress, he told me which ones he could give a deeper discount on and let me choose which one I wanted.This type of honest and open salesmanship is very rare these days. George was willing to help me out, and I deeply appreciate it. I highly recommend this place.
  • Sherrie S. – Mokena, IL
    After visiting countless mattress stores we literally stumbled upon Chicago Mattress Outlet.  We arrived right as the store was closing but Jeff told us to take our time and look around.  He was very informative on all the different types of mattresses and why their prices are so low.  We ended up purchasing a Sterns and Foster King and the price was WAY lower than the other stores with free delivery!!  I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a great mattress at a great price!!
  • Deborah C. – Frankfort, IL
    My husband and I had been shopping for a mattress for a very  long time and  visited five different store locations in Orland Park.  Chicago Mattress was to be our last stop before making a purchase.  We were greeted at the door by a salesman named Bill and he was extremely patient and knowledgable  regarding pertinent information on coils and mattress structure.  We were impressed with the pricing and purchased a Beautyrest mattress at a lower price than we had received from any other store.

    Bill went above and beyond to accomodate us and I would highly recommend buying a mattress from them.  Delivery was free and they were able to adjust to my schedule and time.  The quality was excellent and the customer service was the turning point in making our decision.
  • Kevin S. – Burbank, IL
    So you want to buy a mattress and you’ve done some research only to find out that the mattress industry is a place of mass confusion where you can easily get taken by all the hype of 50% off sales, extravagant claims and extremely high prices. Throw in the fact that you simply cannot do an accurate apples to apples comparison of the various brands because each manufacturer makes something just a little bit different on their mattresses for each of their vendors and super firm or extra plush or whatever else will soon have you pulling your hair out. Well folks I’ve got the answer you are looking for. You simply must go check this store out and see what they have to offer. As you can imagine my wife and I were somewhat skeptical about going to an outlet store to buy a new mattress, however once we got there I had a whole new perspective on things as all they sell are mattresses and they really know their business. Store manager Jeff Martinez was very patient and knowledgeable and went out of his way to accommodate us. Absolutely NO HIGH PRESSURE sales tactics in this establishment.  Imagine this, you can try out as many mattresses as your heart desires or as time allows (we were there for three hours) and once you decide on something you like then that is the actual mattress that will be delivered to your home, so there will be no surprises. We got a phenomenal deal on a brand new Airloom Hotel Collection mattress (yeah it was last years model but so what—we saved about $1500) and we couldn’t be more satisfied. One more thing that impressed me greatly was the integrity of the store owner George and his sincere appreciation towards us for becoming his customer. You simply will not find this attitude in a big box retailer. It was very refreshing to make a sizable purchase and fell that you were not taken for a ride and overpaid for it simply so some salesman could make a bigger commission check. I highly recommend this business and I will definitely patronize them again.
  • LaToya W. – Chicago, IL
    I was in search of a new mattress. After visiting several mattress specialty stores, I was discouraged realizing that the quality mattress that I wanted were out of my price range. Then, after watching a commercial about the Chicago Mattress Outlet I decided to pay them a visit. I went to their second location, 2631 N. Harlem Ave. I was quite impressed with the friendly service I received from George, but was even more impressed at the price tags of the quality mattresses. My children loved the mattresses as well. I was offered a deal I couldn’t refuse and ended up buying new mattresses for my children as well as myself. I would definitely recommend Chicago Mattress Outlet to anyone in search of quality mattresses that are reasonably priced.
  • Neal F. – Chicago, IL
    6/22/2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  I recently moved and needed to furnish a room for my seven year old daughter.  Moving is expensive and purchasing everything at once is tough on the budget.  I visited the company’s second and newest location at 2631 N Harlem Ave. Chicago IL 60607.  The owner of the company, George Musa, assisted me personally.  I received an amazing deal on a full sized mattress, box spring, and frame at one packaged price.  I price these exact items online and the savings were obvious.  I opted to transport the mattress myself and George allowed me to use his equipment to strap the item to my vehicle, and even had his employee follow me to my house and assist me into my 3rd floor apartment.  Amazing customer service!
  • Sara C. – Bolingbrook, IL
    Great place to buy a good quality mattress for a great price. Customer service is wonderful! Highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good mattress and are not looking to  spend thousands. :) will be coming here for all my mattress needs.
  • Nakiea L. – Orland Park, IL
    I had the best experience at mattress outlet ever. The service is awesome. The prices are even better.  They have a wide variety. There are so many price budgets to choose from. I recommend everyone to go to this store if you ever need a mattress. THERE THE BEST
  • Laurence P. – Markham, IL
    I came in to wrap my mind around what type of bed I wanted for my new home and Jeffery made my experience so easy. After breaking everything down for me, I told him that I wanted to come back in a couple days to purchase, the next day, I came back and made my purchase. I am beyond satisfied with the customer service at Chicago Mattress Outlet. The prices are great but more important the people that work there are fantastic. If you are looking for a bed PLEASE stop by and see Jeffery. ~ Laurence Patterson II