Discount Serta Mattresses in Chicago

Serta is one of the most well-known and trusted mattress brands, which is why we include them in our expansive inventory. Their products provide plenty of combined support and comfort, with a variety of models available to provide the best sleep for people with different sleep preferences. Like other top brands, Serta uses the latest technology to promote restorative rest for users. There are several reasons for choosing Serta mattresses over other inferior brands.

Benefits of a Serta Mattress

Some of the specific benefits that people can experience with discount Serta mattresses include the reduction of tossing and turning during sleep, encouragement of proper back support and alignment, more balanced sleep temperature, minimized impact from partner movement, and sagging resistance. Based on the type of sleep experience the user prefers, there are several types of mattress technologies available.

Innerspring Mattress Technology

Serta’s Perfect Sleeper mattress and other products use a continuous innerspring design to help maximize support. The springs help avoid motion transfer, giving users added comfort. Depending on the model, the arrangement and type of innersprings vary.

Memory Foam

Gel memory foam is another feature in the Perfect Sleeper mattress and other Serta mattress models, maintaining a constant temperature that makes sleeping more comfortable. It also conforms to users’ individual body contours, providing a comfortable sleep surface for years.

Memory Foam Hybrid

Serta’s iComfort mattress models use memory foam hybrid technology to combine support and comfort in a single product, with memory foam that provides consistent comfort levels and advanced innerspring technology for sufficient support. The iComfortmattress they offer vary in design based on comfort level, from extra-firm to luxuriously plush. Serta has mattress models for people who want to emphasize comfort over support, and vice versa.

Find the Most Suitable Serta Mattress in Chicago

Whether you’re looking for an iComfort, Bellagio, or other mattress model from Serta, Chicago Mattress Outlet can help you find the right model at the right price, with retail price comparisons available for each mattress. Our inventory navigator can sort mattresses based on size, comfort level, our set price, and the retail price to help you decide which product to get. You’ll be able to find the best discount Serta mattresses in Chicago with ease.

Serta is among the leading mattress brands in our inventory, with products available from other reputable manufacturers such as Simmons, Englander, Bed Boss, Mlily, and Kingsdown. Depending on your needs and positive experiences with any of the brands we carry, we’ll help you find the mattress that gives you the best sleep experience.