Discount Kingsdown Mattresses in Chicago

While not the most recognized mattress brand, Kingsdown is known for reliability in their mattress products, which is why we carry them along with other popular brands. Their high-quality products can provide some of the best sleep experiences for people who prefer soft or firm mattresses, with different technologies in their wide selection of collections. Regardless of your sleep preferences, you’re likely to find a Kingsdown mattress on sale that can give you the sleep you want for years.


For people who prefer traditional mattress support, innerspring technology is available. The steel coils in these mattresses can also help prevent motion transfer to promote comfort.

Intelligent Mattresses

Through the use of included controls, Kingsdown intelligent mattresses can use air, active air or pro-active air technology to provide support. “Air” is nonadjustable, “active air” is adjustable using controls, and “pro-active air” adjusts intuitively during sleep without the need for controls.

Latex Foam

Latex foam support systems include multiple layers of foam in various densities and shapes, and some are infused with gel for increased comfort. The latex foam technology can greatly improve sleep, balancing comfort and support equally.

Memory Foam

Kingsdown’s memory foam technology is designed to provide sufficient support, and is similar to latex foam, but with added conforming abilities. Mattresses include memory foam in multiple layers with varying shapes and densities, with some gel-infused layers for different comfort levels.

Choose Softer or Firmer Mattress Options

With collections such as Bodyperfect, Diamond Royale, Downton Abbey, Haute Couture, and more, Kingsdown has mattresses for people who prefer soft or firm materials. The intelligent technology is an innovative way to perfect your sleep experience, with many models implementing it to make adjustment easy. The “pro-active air” option gives users the ability to experience better sleep through automatic adjustments that occur throughout the night while the user sleeps. With this technology, you may find that you learn more about your preferred comfort levels through auto-adjustments if you’re still unsure.

Locate the Right Kingsdown Mattress in Chicago

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Kingsdown is simply one of the several trusted mattress brands in our inventory, with other mattresses available from Aireloom, Englander, Bed Boss, Serta, Simmons, and Mlily. We understand that mattress buyers want a mattress that’s right for them based on their individual preferences, and we can help ensure that you find the product that gives you the results you want.