Buying Guide

Tips when Purchasing Your Mattress


Soft or Firm?

Remember that just because a mattress is soft doesn’t mean it won’t be supportive. When trying out different mattresses, always start by lying on the firmest mattress first, working your way to softest. Repeat the process once or twice to discover what levels feel most comfortable for you. As you lie on the mattress, think about how your shoulders, hips and lower back feel. Give your body a chance to respond to the mattress at these key touch points. Unfold your arms and lie on bed as relaxed as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson for a few minutes to yourself. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, lie down on the mattress you are considering for at least 10 minutes. This will give you a truer feeling of the comfort of the mattress over time.

Size Matters

Always buy the largest size mattress your room can accommodate. Couples should always choose either a queen or king size mattress, and shop for a mattress together to ensure ample sleeping area for each of you.

Measure your headboard and the height of your current mattress and bring this information to the store. If you decide to purchase a thicker mattress than you currently have, consider getting a low profile box spring so your headboard will be visible.

What makes The Top Brands Posturepedic special?

Advanced Comfort Materials provides advanced pressure point relief, absorbs and redistributes pressure from your body weight.

Posturepedic Innerspring delivers orthopedically correct support senses body motion and responds with increased support reduces tossing and turning.

UniCased® Edge Design offers unsurpassed support, long-lasting comfort, and unmatched durability forms a solid perimeter around the bed and locks into the Posturepedic Innerspring.

Patented modules that flex when pressure is exerted absorbs the shock of weight and motion.

Edge-2-edge comfort and support is a feature that no ordinary bed can boast.

How they are made?

Running around the perimeter of every Posturepedic mattress is a firm steel rod to which each of the outer springs is power clipped. The benefit is that every square inch of the mattress surface gives maximum comfort and support. This effectively creates more room to spread out and relax. In turn, you’ll get a more comfortable night’s sleep.

What you get

Comfort Support System, the most advanced innerspring available, combines orthopedically correct support, advanced Comfort Materials and UniCased Edge Design, which provides the proper support for a great night’s sleep, comfort, and support from edge-to-edge.

With High-Quality Fit and Finish, the comfort materials are tufted together for stability, and have upgraded fabrics, metal corner guards and cloth-warranted handles on most of our beds.

Flame Guard Protection is non-toxic and mattresses are made from a blend of fire-retardant fibers and proprietary materials that protect you and your home.

More about some of the brands we carry

Sealy Posturepedic is the largest selling brand in the United States and has been around since 1881. With their mass distribution and volume, they afford today’s mattress shopper the best mid-priced mattress sets available. They offer a wide selection that blends comfort and durability with value to provide the best mid priced mattresses.

Simmons Beautyrest has been produced with a pocketed coil since 1925. Trademarked as the “Do Not Disturb” mattress, the pocketed coil reduces more motion between partners than any other mattress in the industry today. If your partner’s movement is keeping you from sleeping at night, this is the best choice for you. Built with luxury materials, Simmons motion technology design is well worth the price.

Perfect Sleeper comes in as the middle priced brand and is well known for their “Counting Sheep” marketing campaign. Serta Perfect Day models take the brand upmarket with added comfort features. Serta’s unique FireBlocker® system sets them apart as the only manufacturer to exceed existing and proposed, state and federal residential open-flame resistance standards on a nationwide basis.

Mattress Terms

Innerspring: The innerspring provides the support for proper spine alignment while you sleep.

Coil Count and Coil Gauge: The thicker the coil (lower gauge) the less the coil count. The thinner the coil (higher guage) the more coils in the mattress.

Edge Support: Increases the usable surface by 10%, and helps prolong the life of your mattress. “S” Posturpedic is a good example that uses edge support.

Non Flip: Almost all new mattresses are non-flip, one-sided mattress. New designs and materials reduce the need to flip, prolonging the life of the mattress, and eliminating the hassle of mattress flipping.

Standard Foams: There are countless types of foam comfort materials with a variety of different feels. Most standard foams are polyurethane, which are more likely to breakdown.

Specialty Foams: Usually visco memory foam and latex which are 100% antimicrobial. These are very durable, relieve pressure points, and help you to sleep undisturbed by your partner.

Natural LATEX :  pure natural LATEX , made from the sap of rubber trees, is  nature’s most durable cushioning material. It conforms to your body’s shape for luxurious comfort and orthopedic support. And you can feel good about  the natural, environmentally safe and hypo-allergenic mattress materials.

With a LATEX sleep system, better sleep just comes naturally.

  • Made with 100% latex, natural origin planet friendly biodegradable material
  • Exceptionally resilient
  • Conforms to your body’s shape for luxurious comfort and orthopedic support
  • Reduces pressure points for more restful sleep
  • No motion transfer
  • Cooler in summer, warmer in winter
  • Hypo-allergenic mattress; odor-free